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Nov 21, 2009


A very nice example of a seal padlock.

This is I'm sure a very rare Japanese padlock that was brought back as a souvenir by a WW2 US Army vet. The lock stands 5 1/2" tall or 137mm and weighs 1 3/4lbs(heavy). The body is heavy brass w/the key & shackle being iron. As the pics show - there is a sliding (door or cover) that lifts to allow insertion of key. When key is turned to open lock it also allows the complete hinged front cover to fall open. There are 3 weep holes to bottom. I have owned this lock along w/some other Japanese items for over 25yrs -never out of my basement since purchase) and it's time to pass it on to another caretaker. The kanji to left reads; Ministry/Department of Communication. Middle characters; Mail / Post not sure of 2 kanji to right but maybe NewLock? A truly rare item - Oh yea, Upper backside is dtd; Showa 4 Nen 3 Gatsu ( March 1929). The vet had taken this from the Phillipines along w/swords, bayonets, canteen, paper money, even some uniform parts, etc. Good investment and great collectible ! - eBay (3 Nov 2009)

This padlock had a high bid of $699 (Plus $6.99 Shipping).

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