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Nov 20, 2009

Rankin Handcuffs

Here is a set of Rankin handcuffs. I take it that they can be opened that they are either broken or the are somehow stuck open. But the fact that they do not lock shut is probably not a good sign.

A super early pair of handcuffs in excellent condition. looks like Hank Phila Pat Date Dec. 1861 Stamped on the cuff Side hole for a key. A Great early pair of cuffs.

Questions and answers about this item

Q: the maker of the cuff is Rankin i have a set dan
A: Hi Dan, Thanks for the info. Bob

Q: I read the question and answer to the last question. Are you saying they don't lock? and could you include a picture of them in the open position. Thanks.
A: Hi I have someone who does my ebay I dont have access to the camera. I am assumining you have to have the key to lock them as they are in the unlocked position. Thanks for Looking and good Luck, Bob

Q: Is there a key? It looks like one of the cuffs is partically open. If you pull on opposite sides of the lock will the cuffs pull open? Thanks
A: Hi, No key, Both cuffs are open..Thanks for Looking and Good Luck, Bob

- eBay (26 Oct 2009)

This set of handcuffs had a high bid of $710 (Plus $5.20 Shipping).

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