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Sep 14, 2009

'Widow's Mite' Story Padlock

Here is a nice story padlock.

This is a very interesting old padlock.

The front of the lock has a depiction of a woman unlocking a trunk.The back of the lock is a flower and vine pattern the features are raised on both the front and back.

The lock is 3 1/4" tall from the bottom to the top of the locking arm and 2 3/8" wide and just under 1/2" deep.

I dont have the key/tool to open the lock.This is not a turning type lock something is pushed inside to release the arm I have not seen this before.

The lock appears to have had a clear coat finish applied to preserve the lock it certainly has a great old time look. - eBay (2 August 2009)

This padlock had a high bid of $635 (Plus $5.70 Shipping).

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