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Sep 30, 2009

(6) Cleveland 4 Way PadLocks - 5 different models

This was a collection too good to pass up given the number of other 4-Way padlocks that have come up for sale on eBay:

Greetings from West Texas....I been accumilating Cleveland locks over the past 10 years or so with the intention of using them on various buildings, gates and such but found out early that they do not like the dust, wind, ice, heat associated with my part of the country, so I started collecting different models just because I think there really cool! About a year ago I was going through some things and found them. It happens I had a drill with a wire brush attachment nearby and went to town! Five of them sure did turn out purdy! (Found the 6th one later). Offered today are 6 Cleveland locks, 5 being different in one way or the other from the next! SIX locks, 5 price!

Save some time hunting them down over the next 10 years. They do not come up often, especially with keys! Average Ebay price for a Cleveland w/key is $30-40 dollars BEFORE shipping!. I've saved this search for many years!

Here's the lowdown!

PIC 2&3...key code LBM, lock code FFTOY, 2 locks, 1 key keyed alike. I don't know if it is an original key as with most of the Clevelands I ran across, the key and lock are NOT coded the same. Large head key opens BOTH locks. Key CANNOT be removed out of lock when open. When the shaft is forced down to the close position, the key will manually turn the key to the lock position. Key is stubborn in one lock. This same lock has a weak spring that feels like gunk is just holding the shaft down. These 2 locks have an oil port on the bottom. Only the key code is stamped on the bottom. Face has traditional "CLEVELAND 4-WAY LOCK"

PIC 4&5 key code OOUTF, lock code OOUTF, 1 lock, wider, heavier an a tad bit shorter than LBM lock with a much thicker shaft. Spring does NOT pop when opening, needs assistance. Key CAN be removed in open position. Key code and "pat pending" stamped on bottom. No oil port. Looks as a previous owner grinded 2 grooves in key and lock for quick ID. Face has traditional "CLEVELAND 4-WAY LOCK"

Pic 6&7 key code EERUH, lock code EERUH, 1 lock, considerably smaller than LBM lock with a tad bit smaller shaft. "UP" is stamped on the key and the lock below the traditional "CLEVELAND 4-WAY LOCK" face to idiotproof the user not to insert the key in the wrong way. Key code and "pat pending" stamped on the bottom. Spring is strong. Key CAN be removed in open position. No oil port.

Pic 8&9 key code TWUT, lock code TWUT, 1 lock with a offset keyhead stamped on one side TWUT and the other (yes, "4" is spelled out) THE FOUR WAY LOCK CO. CLEVELAND OHIO. I believe this is one of there earliest models. Instead of the traditional "CLEVELAND 4-WAY LOCK" on the face, it reads "CLEVELAND 4-WAY OHIO". It has the idiotproof "UP" stamped below "OHIO" and on the shaft of the key. It has no oil ports. Key CAN be removed opened. Spring a VERY strong. On the bottom "pat pending" is on the same side as the key code. Looks to be the same size as Pic 6&7 EERUH but with a much thicker shaft.

Pic 10&11 key code OOOEU, lock code OOOEU with a large thick shaft, the only lock that wasn't wirebrushed. A groove was grinded in the shaft for quick ID I presume. It is about the same size as Pic 8&9 TWUT but with a larger, thicker shaft. Pat pending and key code stamped on opposite sides of bottom Traditional CLEVELAND 4-WAY LOCK on face with idiotproof "UP" stamped below and key shaft.

WHEW! There you have it folks.....a lot of time studying and pecking at this computer. Took 2 pics of each lock and can honestly tell you they are all different, except the 2 keyed alike. - eBay (23 August 2009)

This set of padlocks sold for $160 (Plus Free Shipping).

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