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Sep 16, 2009

Tower Balco Leg Irons

I like the chains on this set of leg irons.

A nice pair of original 1920's - 1930s vintage leg irons. This pair is very similar to the Tower Leg Irons, but this pair is unmarked and the iron links in the chain are flat rather than bent as are the tower chain links. Flat chain links are a characteristic of Balco leg irons and I assume this to be a pair of Balco leg irons. If someone can positively identify these from the photos as not being Balco leg irons, please let me know. These irons seem to be slightly heavier than a Tower Leg Iron, but I no longer have a pair of Towers to compare. Both locks open with the key that is shown in the photo. I am not certain, but I assume this is the original key. This key seems slightly smaller than a Tower key. As shown in the photos, this pair has a plain iron finish with no plating and there are some minor rust spots. One lock case has deeper rust and pitting, but this does not affect the function of these cuffs. If someone was careful, I think it would be possible to polish these to look quite nice, but all I did was to lightly oil the cuffs and wipe them with a rag. - eBay (30 July 2009)

These leg irons had a high bid of $106.50 (Plus $9 Shipping).

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