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Nov 17, 2008

Antique W. V. Adams Handcuffs

This is a really neat pair of antique handcuffs. I like how the cuff bows are square metal instead of rounded:

Up for bid is an original pair of W.V. Adams handcuffs patented June 17, 1862. These handcuffs are in good condition with very little ware of the nickle plating. All joints move freely and both locks work. Comes with one none original key. Both cuffs are stamped Pat. June 17, 1862. These Adams handcuffs were the first adjustable ratchets that could bind wrists tightly or loosely. Comes with a copy of the original patent number 35576. - eBay
Handcuffs like these do not come up on eBay all that often. This pair sold for $330.01 (Plus $5 shipping). That's a decent price yet still very affordable. Kind of.


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