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Nov 5, 2008

Ames Sword Padlock - Smallest Made by Ames

Another great sturdily-made miniature lock.

Very small in fact TINY 1880's Ames Sword padlock. This is the smallest and hardest to find lock in this style. This is a three lever lock as you can tell in the picture with it unlocked. It is extremely uncommon to find such a tiny lock with three levers. Also desirable is the fact it was made by Ames Sword company who also produced fine swords during the Civil War. This was a very finely made padlock and would have cost much more than the usual one lever heart shaped padlocks of the time period this was made. Condition is excellent as you can see and it has a lovely brown patina. It comes with one original key which unlocks the padlock fine. The shackle is spring loaded, and self locking which adds to the uniqueness of this lock. I cannot imagine stuffing all these features into such a small padlock. 

Probably used on a document or lock box.

This size padlock rarely comes up for auction so do not miss your chance to own this excellent miniature with it's original unusual key!

The size is 1 3/16 inch tall, 7/8 inch across, and under 1/4 inch at thickest. The tiny key is a hair over 1/2 inch long not including the swivel ring. The ring added makes the key slightly over 3/4 inch long.

If this does not sell I will keep it. - eBay
This lock was listed with a 'Buy it Now' price of $155 (Plus $2.25 shipping) but the listing was pulled due to a pricing error. No clue if the lock was ever re-listed


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