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Nov 7, 2008

1880 ROMER LEG IRONS - (Owned by Houdini)

Antique leg irons are neat. Romers are my new favorite:

A bonus is that these leg irons were owned by the legend Harry Houdini himself:
TRUE DOCUMENTED POP RENO - BRINDAMOUR --- HOUDINI set of rare patented in 1880 ROMER LEG IRONS complete with a nice working key... the leg cuffs both work great & the condition of the ROMER leg irons is very very nice...... WITHOUT any connection to anyone ROMER leg irons are highly rare & much sought after & have a market value of over $1,500..... my reserve is not a whole lot more for having a DOCUMENTED owned item.........this ROMER leg iron was received by my late GREAT father in law PRYNCE WHEELER (now deceased ) in 1963 from the GREAT RENO who got the leg iron from the FAMOUS ESCAPE ARTIST preforming BEFORE & DURING HOUDINI's time..... YES, 1963 from the GREAT POP RENO ( FRANK X. RENAUD ) now deceased of SOUTHBRIDGE, MA.......... RENO was born in 1890, worked in vaudeville, magic, & escapology..... POP RENO was billed as THE HANDCUFF KING & preformed many escapes that he learned on his own as well as escapes that he learned from HOUDINI & BRINDAMOUR themselves....... the buyer of this RARE DOCUMENTED - BRINDAMOUR - POP RENO owned item will receive from me -- the seller - the SIGNED statement from POP RENO dated in 1963 and a signed COA from me stating that my father in law PRYNCE WHEELER acquired the ROMER leg iron from POP RENO complete with a photo of the JUDD leg iron & a description of the leg irons ALL on the COA etc etc.... - eBay
These leg irons had a 'buy it now' price of $2,850 (Plus $15 shipping) The high bid was $1,604 but did not meet the reserve price. As of this point is has yet to be re-listed.


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