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Nov 9, 2011

Edwin Cotterill’s padlock

This is one of the padlocks that I have been hunting for a while. But until the prices get more down to earth, I will have to simply keep looking. This is a very nice example.

Edwin Cotterill’s padlocks are amongst the most prized by collectors and are extremely rare. This is a really big, extremely sturdy and heavy one (nearly 1kg) – it is 5 inches tall and has company name and factory location (Birmingham) and makers marks. The lock is working perfectly and has the original key. It is in great condition with a very nice, rich patina. The escutcheon is held in place by a little sprung button on the body of the lock. The end of the key is used to depress the button and move the escutcheon to reveal the keyhole. - eBay (6 Nov 2011)
This padlock had a high bid of 1,580 British Pounds/$2,533.06 (Plus 20 Pounds Shipping).

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