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Nov 10, 2011

Antique French secret padlock 18-19th Century

The cool part of this lock is the key and keyway. Definately cool, but cool comes with an expensive price.

antique French secret padlock made about 1800's- wrought iron
with clover key 2.1/4" inches(5.7cm)

size of padlock: 1.1/2."inches(4cm) by :2.3/4" (7cm)
to open padlock:
1 - Pull the back plate of the lock to release the aperture plate (cache-entry of padlock) : picture 3
2 - Position the plate to left -on the symbol (If the position is not correct, the key turns but does not actuate the mechanism): picture 4
3 - adjust the clover with the key, insert the key and turn -the lock is open, to close you need to keep the position (2)
This padlock had a buy-it-now price of $1,700 (Plus free Shipping). It was currently available at the time of writing.


Sarong Dress said...

Great stuff! I am amazed by the designs of the keys.

Water Glasses said...

Antique french padlock is really cool! This is a nice collection.

devinezqui said...

I believe it eventually sold for $ 1500 after being listed for 30 - 60 days.