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Sep 26, 2011


These Lily Irons don't come up for sale every day.

---- ORIGINAL -- RARE set of LILLY - HAND IRONS - that are approx. - 10 3/4 inchs in lenght and the iron bands are approx. 1 3/4 inch ...........they are in super nice condition with a great dark old patina complete with the original LEAD PLUG at the bottom of the keyway barrel................they have OLD ORIGINAL markings of - l X - on all THREE bars on the underside..... one bar is also marked --- J. H. L. (which i believe stands for the name of the INVENTOR of the LILLY -- JOHN HORACE LILLY -- who it is said that HE died with a set of his own invention on as it is said that he died of the SAINT VITIS disease..........LILLY cuffs were made just before and DURING the civil war by the U.S. NAVAL MILITARY and also at prison camps like ANDERSONVILLE etc etc ..... they are also FAMOUS for being used on the assinators of PRESIDENT LINCOLN ........ . cuffs open & close great........and come with a WORKING KEY - eBay (25 Sept 11)
This set of Lily Irons had a Buy-it-Now price of $2,750 (Plus $20 Shipping) but failed to get any bids. Is this the same set as this one here? If so, the price has been greatly reduced. But what is a fair price for this item?

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