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May 12, 2010

1860 LINCOLN conspritors J H LILLY handcuffs irons

Here is an authentic set of Lilly Irons.

besides the fact that the LILLY handcuffs are famous for being used on the LINCOLN conspritors they are VERY RARE............ this set of LILLY handcuffs are marked --- J H L --- which i believe stand for the INVENTOR --- JOHN HORACE LILLY ..........several years ago, i did some computer history reseach of solders etc during the civil war & i came up with some info & that is who i believe was JOHN HORACE LILLY who INVENTED the LILLY irons..... he was a sargent in the U S NAVY during the civil war........ the story goes that he even died with a set of his own invention on as he had the dreaded saint vitus illness...... as i spent a few hours looking here & there on several different sites, i don't remember how or where i found what as i am not computer smart..... at the time, my computer went down & i was not able to print anything or was not smart enough to print what i found....... of course -- do your own research.......... you will note that the markings are in the OLD way of doing the letters, therefore i have to believe that they are original & authentic....... this set of LILLIES are in super condition, are complete, & work great as the hinges are not corroded etc etc....... - eBay (11 May 2010)

This set of Lilly Irons had a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $7,750 (Plus $20 Shipping) or best offer, but received no takers.

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