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Jan 14, 2011


This is a cool collar. Actually, a very cool collar. It was listed at least once before for I think $1,750. The opening price was now dropped $500 but still appears to be too high.

here is an ORIGINAL -- HUGH -- NECK COLLAR --- that my father in law acquired in the 1960's ..... this EUROPEAN dungeon NECK COLLAR came out of an OLD OLD museum in HELSINKI, FINLAND that was closed down ........ the NECK COLLAR shackle is approx. 8 1/2 inches x 9 1/2 inches & has an INSIDE dia of approx. 6 inches x 5 3/4 inches...... the IRON band with is approx. 2 inches...... the old chain is approx. 4 foot 11 inches in lenght with a 4 3/4 inch SPIKE....... NOTE ::::: when used in a dungeon the SPIKE would be pounded into the wall & there the person would stay for ?? the rest of their life .............. ......... i do not know how old it is but probably dates to the 17th century............ - eBay (13 Jan 2011)

This collar had an opening bid of $1,275 (Plus $25 Shipping) but had no takers.

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