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Jan 17, 2011

Authentic Antique A. Rankin Handcuffs

Here is another set of Rankin handcuffs. Appears that it might have been repaired and maybe that is why there was a lack of interest.

Up for sale is a pair of authentic antique A. Rankin handcuffs.

These cuffs were patented in 1866. This is the "small size" version.

They have the patented "A. Rankin Phila" markings on them as well as a "Patent Dec 10th" marking.

The locks and springs of these cuffs are completely intact. When trying to pull apart in locked position one of the bows will come apart when locked. I believe that one side of these cuffs were repaired many many years ago on hinge, please look closely at the pictures.

These cuffs are in good shape.

They do come with the original key.

These would be an excellent addition to anyones collection. - eBay (31 Dec 2010)

This set of handcuffs had an opening bid of $800 (Plus $10.95 Shipping) but appears to have had no takers.

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