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Oct 5, 2010

Miniature Copper Penny Trick Padlock

I would not exactly classify this as a lock. It is nice though.

Here is a very hard to find antique miniature Copper Wheat penny trick padlock. Condition is excellent. It was made from two copper pennys, one is dated 1937. The entire lock measures only 1 inch long, 5/16 inch thick, and 3/4 inch across. Not much of a trick though still a very unusual padlock perfect for display. You push the spring loaded button and the shackle pops up and turns 45 degrees.

This is a very hard to find lock. - eBay (5 Sept 2010)

This padlock had an opening bid of $150 (Plus $7.70 Shipping) but had no bidders.

1 comment:

devinezqui said...

It sold privately.
I know, I have it =o)
He has another 2 of them in his collection.