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Jun 14, 2010


I have two of these and was hoping to add this one as a third one to the collection. Unfortunately, the bidding went well beyond what I expected. This one sold for much more than the others I have seen. Not sure, why, unless it was made from a valuable coin.

This is for a fabulous little hand made Victorian sweetheart charm in the form of a miniature padlock complete with its ornate key. The padlock has been hand made from two Victorian 3d silver coins so it shows both sides of the coin, Queen Victoria's profile and the date 1870 on the other. They key is the tiniest key you are ever likely to see. It is in absolute excellent condition with no damage to it anywhere and the key works the lock. It measures a tiny 16mm in diameter by 5mm in depth. - eBay (13 June 2010)

This amazing miniature padlock had a high bid of 233.99 British Pounds/$340.50 (Plus 8.30 Pounds Shipping).


LockChick said...

Awesome. I have one of these, not sure of what year the coin is, but it's the same little padlock and I bought it off eBay in 2007 for about $US 20 at most.

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