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Jun 29, 2010

Bean Leg Irons

This is the first set of Bean leg irons that I have seen come up for auction on eBay. Next time I will bid more, if I happen to have the cash at the time.

Cuffs are marked:

T PAT NOV 28 82

Dont know for sure but figure the T is for Tower...I'm sure you people will know that collect cuffs.

Chain is 12 1/2" long

Inned diameter of cuff 3 1/2"

I dont have the key

Nickel plated.

You can see in the pics the nickel has worn in some places.

Very Good or Better Condition

Item's in picture's are what is in auction.

Most of the items I sell are used or pre owned. So even if an item is mint I will still mark the eBay button as used. - eBay (20 June 2010)

This set of leg irons had a high bid of $456 (Plus $7.85 Shipping).

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