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May 30, 2010

TWO 1870 post office PO customs AMER SEAL padlocks

These do not come up often. It it totally unusual to see a listing for two in the same auction.

---------------- these padlocks will NOT be relisted ---- if they do not sell ---- i will just put them back in the safe for a few years -------------------

you are bidding on -- TWO -- U.S. GOVERNMENT AMERICAN SEAL padlocks..... one is a very RARE -- TALL -- shackle padlock complete with its ORIGINAL (original keys are very rare !!) key....... the 2ND lock is the NORMAL short shackle lock & has a nice working non original key.......either lock is rare, but the TALL shackle lock is extremley rare....... BOTH locks are well marked & work great...... YES, you put a paper seal over the keyway -- then close down the LID........ - eBay (7 May 2010)

These padlocks had a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $2,750 (Plus $25 Shipping) but received no takers. It might have been a different story if they were listed seperately. Then again, maybe the seller is trying to keep the set together. Me, I would be happy to have one of them. The cheaper one;)

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