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May 6, 2010

1890 antique SPIKED SHACKLE prison handcuffs

This is a very interesting leg shackle and possibly a unique one:

this item comes from the RICHARD (DICK) NORMAN collection & was acquired from MR. NORMAN by my father in law (PRYNCE WHEELER) back in 1964..........MR. NORMAN wrote the book -- MODERN HANDCUFF SECRETS FOR MAGICIANS -- and had one of the largest restraint collections in his time......... this is a very rare CLOG SPIKED SHACKLE made by the UNION HARDWARE COMPANY - circa 1890's -1900...... used in the prison system on inmates who worked in the fields, when transporting prisonershere & there, as well as on troublesome inmates inside the prison........ this rare CLOG SPIKED SHACKLE is approx. 24 INCHES in lenght & comes complete with an old lock & key as well as in an old wooden display case....... there is also an old post card from MR. NORMAN that states in part at the bottom ------ THAT NOBODY BUT NO BODY HAS ONE OF THESE EXCEPT ME you can see in the photos that the shackle is hinged in the back so that the shackle can open etc etc ..... nice condition & works GREAT !!!!! - eBay ()

This restraint collar has a 'Buy-it-Now' price of $2,650 (Plus $35 Shipping).


sam lanier said...

ive got one

Anonymous said...

I've found one in Kentucky 5/26/15 check out Craigslist