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Dec 6, 2009

Here is an interesting set of handcuffs:

In the early 1950s the Horst Stein company in Hannover, Germany, began to market its own line of restraints under the name "Horst Moabit". These restraints were based on several patents issued to inventor and master locksmith Kurt Metk, who produced these restraints in Berlin. Shown below are the patent drawings:

The cuffs I offer here are the model 615. They are completely made of steel and are of the swing-beside design. The two halves of the cuff are connected by means of a strong rivet resulting in an unusual pivot hinge design. These handcuffs are rather restrictive, the following picture was taken from in instruction sheet showing how the cuff was supposed to be applied:

The text says "This is the way my HORST-restraints have to be applied", on the left it says "Right", on the right "Wrong".

The lockcases of the cuffs are stamped with "T52" standing for Type 52, indicating the year of introduction of the Horst Moabit line of restraints, "ges. gesch.", the abbreviation of "gesetzlich gesch├╝tzt" meaning "protected by law" and "Horst Moabit".

One of the lockcases shows the numbers "757" showing that this particular restraint was made in July 1957.

The handcuff I offer here is in technically perfect condition and comes with the original key. Not many Horst Moabit cuffs are around these days so place your bid now and make this one yours for your collection of restraints or police/prison memorabilia!

The buyer pays US$ 15.00 intercontinental airmail postage. Payment by PAYPAL ONLY please!

Please have a look at my other auctions and find more fine collectable restraints... Good luck! - eBay (19 Nov 2009)

This set of handcuffs had an opening bid of $499 (Plus $15 Shipping) but failed to attract any bids.

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