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Dec 8, 2009

Antique Relic Spanish Colonial Convent Door

Here is a nice-looking antique key.

We have just received another 7 very large Spanish Colonial Keys from one of the convents we work with in South America.

When a nun tells you that each one of these keys is at least 300 years old, because the original convent doors they came from were built at the same time the convent was, (300 years ago), you know they are special! Please see a picture below of one of the actual doors.

We cleaned only one, so you will see how they looked 300 years ago, but we have left the other 6 with their original patina. Each will be auctioned separately, and each will be described in the pictures above; taken next to a ruler.

They each weigh between 1/3 to ½ pound, and they would look great as a paper weight on a desk, or in a library.

Good luck bidding! - eBay (20 Oct 2009)

This key had a high bid of $798 (Plus $2.41 Shipping).

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