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Jan 4, 2013


Well this is something that you do not see everyday. A genuine Bean Giant replica.

BEAN GIANT HANDCUFFS - FAMOUS FOR HOUDINI STORY! Up for auction are a pair of Bean Giant Handcuffs. This pair is from the castings made by Ian McColl of Australia. The are nickel plated, and look great. So shiny I couldn't even set them down without getting fingerprints on them! They work great. The originals were patented in 1887, and this pair is among the last of the castings that Ian has. This pair was assembled and made by myself. Nice strong spring action, buttons work great, and to my knowledge, it's one of VERY FEW pair of Ian's Bean Giants that are plated. 
If you put these on anyone, with the keyhole facing the body, it's nearly impossible to open them even with the key. Yet, Houdini escaped from them. This pair comes with lost wax cast key, and the handcuff itself is made from lost wax castings. Other than the fact you can see the rivets and screws on the back plate (I didn't realize how much plating will bring out imperfections!) it might pass for an original cuff right out of the box! - eBay (4 Dec 12)

This set of cuffs had a high bid of $500 (Plus $8 Shipping).

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