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May 24, 2012

E Cotterill Acme "B" Padlock

These are very nice padlocks.

Very Rare E Cotterill Acme "B" padlock and two keys. Cotterill's padlocks are greatly prized by collectors and very rare. It is very sturdy and heavy (700gm.) and is nearly 4.5 inches tall closed. It bears the marks E Cotterill and Co. manufacturer, Acme Lock, Birmingham. Both keys are also also marked Cotterills Birmingham Patent Acme B. It is in good working condition - see pictures for condition. The Escutcheon cover is held in place by a sprung button on the baseplate, operated by the end of the key. The lock has been in my possession for nearly 40 years and was originally used on the entrance of a famous Leeds silversmith's premises. - eBay (27 March 2012)
This padlock had a high bid of 478 British Pounds/$769.44 (Plus Shipping).

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