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Feb 8, 2011

British Colonial Jail Hand Irons c.1750 Ontario

This is a very interesting set of cuffs.

Antique Hand Irons - Old British Colonial Jail from Cayuga, Ontario, c. 1750

This is for a "pair" of antique hand irons, old British colonial jail irons from Cayuga, Ontario and are c.1750. These have the original key - square hole. The key fits in the hole and it opens by the screw being unscrewed and comes out, and opening the irons. The total length is about 3 7/8" from end to end closed. The width at the widest part is 2 3/4", again this is closed. These fit my wrist which is 6 1/4" circumference. The interior circumerence is about 6 1/2-6 3/4".

Note: the key is included as presented in the pictures.

This was collected by Mr. Roy Summers of Stoney Creek, Ontario. He collected this in Cayuga, Ontario in May 1978. My dad collected a lot of things from Mr. Summers, who had a great eye for things and collected a number of items that I've sold here.

Please see the pictures for details.

This, like all of our fur trade and native collectibles, was part of my dad's HBC collection, he was a long-time collector of North West, native, HBC and fur trade items and a historian / archaeologist. Our items have been featured on the Canadian Antiques Roadshow and in December 2009, the prestigious auction house of Bonhams and Butterfields in San Francisco sold some of our native items. We specialize in items from the Plains, Plateau, Sub-Arctic and Arctic people as well as HBC items. - eBay (18 Dec 2011)

This set of irons had a high bid of $567 (Plus $6.45 Shipping).

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