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Jul 30, 2010

Another Set of Bean Giant Handcuffs

Here is a fine example of a rare set of Bean Giant Handcuffs. Before the end of the auction I had a conversation with another collector who estimated that it would go for over $2,000 given the good condition. So it seems that someone got a good deal.

Antique Bean Giant handcuffs. These are an outstanding example of these highly collectible cuff. They are fully functional with a replacement key. I have been watching this model sell for the last year and I believe this is one of the finest examples that has come on the market. - eBay (22 July 2010)

This Bean Giant had a high bid of $1,550 (Plus $7.50 Shipping). The only reason I have for this not selling for more is that like everywhere else, most collectors are simply tapped out with little cash to spare on more cuffs. For me, I had just bought a second Bean Giant on 4 July, never expecting that my bid would win out at under $1,000.

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