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Jul 3, 2010


I have yet to get myself a pair of Palmer cuffs. I think it will still be a while given how seldolm these come up.

Patented January 1876, the Palmer family of manacles is among the most interesting and bizarre of all the older shackles produced in this country. You see Houdini photos with type of cuffs on him. Each shackle consists of three stamped metal sections, which are hinged together and which can be closed to form a circle.......This set has a great patina, and is marked Palmer's Pat Jan 1876 Walton Brothers N.Y. They measure 6" long x 3" in diameter & are 1-7/8" high. I don't know what size number they are. The hinged cuffs are made of hand hewn steel & had a triangular ended opener [not keyed]. This piece is missing, but they can be opened with a file. There was also a release button, but that is gone. Overall really nice antique condition, in an item rarely seen for sale...only in pictures of other people's collections....These came from a collector & are guaranteed authentic & original.....Only other pair I could find for sale online was $898.00....This owner says sell........ - eBay (5 June 2010)

This set of cuffs had a high bid of $1,275 (Plus $10 Shipping).

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