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Nov 20, 2014

19th Century E. Cotterill & Co A20 Padlock

What an amazing padlock. The final bit price is simply amazing. Then again, it is the one and only new Cotterill padlock that has come up for auction that I can remember.

Beautiful 19th Century Edwin Cotterill A20 Padlock.

Googled it and think it is a Royal Climax Detector

Original, boxed, mint condition with 2 amazing key still wrapped in oiled paper.

Boxed in mint condition

This lock is unused in great condition, I have googled this item and found out it is one of the most desired locks out there. It has all the marks and patent stamped on it and the original box has a small hand written line “Brass Lock 1898” I personally think it is a bit earlier more 1870 ish.,-wolverhampton-16529620

Measurements 110mm long X 68mm Wide when closed. It weighs 0.75 kg. - eBay (24 Oct 2014)
This padlock had a high bid of 5,500 British Pounds / $8,616 (Plus $ Shipping).

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