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Jan 2, 2014

Taylor Combination Padlock

Here is an interesting combination padlock. Too bad it does not have a known combination.

This is an Antique Taylor Mfg. Co. Dial Combination Brass Padlock. I have shown this padlock from every angle to give you a good idea of the condition. This lock has obviously been taken apart. I believe that it is complete and functional, though. I do not have the combination. I can feel all three wheels with a pin tool thru the drain hole in the bottom of the case. This lock can be restored, though it is beyond my ability. I do not have the combination. I guarantee that this lock is functional and will operate as it should once you establish the combination. This lock is shown on page 65, item 3 in Arnall's Padlock Collector. Look it up. For more item details, see the Item Specifics Columns and Photos above. - eBay (16 Nov 2013)

This padlock had a high bid of $285 (Plus $5.80 Shipping).

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