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Mar 15, 2013

UK Padlock made of 2 silver coins

I love miniature padlock and these are my favorite miniature padlock. I think that these were probably some project that apprentice locksmiths made as part of their training. However I am only guessing at that. Still, very cool.
This padlock seems to be slightly different from the others that I have seen and profiled in this blog which were made from three pence coins. This one is made from a four pence coin. Is this why the seller was asking for hundreds more Dollars than the others??? I do not see that as a reason to pay more and perhaps that is why this padlock did not sell.

Made of 2 Tiny English Victorian 4 pence "Groat" silver coins with steel inner parts. Beautiful top quality work went into making this sweetheart. This little gem of a lock is Victorian or Early Edwardian handwork. It is the smallest precision working lock I ever saw and if it was locked you would have to pick it or tear it up to open it. - eBay (22 Feb 2013)
This padlock had a 'Buy-it-now' price of $627.77 (Plus $7.75 Shipping) but failed to attract any takers.


Mauricio said...

I want more information about this piece.

Email me please.


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