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Dec 12, 2012

Vintage Finnish Konepaja Voima Oy Handcuffs 1920-30´s

Very nice set of rare Finnish Konepaja Voima Handcuffs.

Very Rare Vintage Finnish Konepaja Voima Oy Handcuffs 1920-30´s. Just Google "Konepaja Voima" and you will see how rare and wanted these are! Very nice used and working condition, with original key. Mechanism works very precisely. These are forerunners of the famous Harrington & Richardson Super handcuffs. Shipping in post packet with tracking 45usd. Addition 20.10.2012: No visible Patent -markings - eBay (5 Nov 2012)
This set of Finnish Handcuffs had a starting bid of $450 (Plus $45 Shipping) but failed to attract any bids.

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