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Apr 6, 2011


As the seller noted, this padlock is in mint condition. So I am very pleased to have been the winner of this auction.

"MINT CONDITION" ANTIQUE SMOKEHOUSE Padlock with original key This Padlock is very unique in the way the key is used to open this lock. When you insert the key into the keyhold and turn the key, the key will then drop down to a second position which then requires you to again turn the key. When this sequence is followed the lock will open very easily. You are bidding on a very unusual Antique Smokehouse Padlock with the Original Key. This old antique padlock was found by my husband in an old steamer trunk that was locked and without a key from an antique shop. When my husband made a key for the old trunk and opened it the trunk was full of old clothes. Wrapped up in one of these articles of clothing was this Antique Smokehouse padlock and key. The lock is made of metal and brass while the key is metal. This lock is in MINT condition with NO RUST, CHIPS or DINGS. The key area on the lock (both front and back) are brass. On the front, sides and hasp of this lock are no markings. In the center of the front is a raised brass circle which forms a very unique key hole shape. On the back of this lock is again no markings except for a small brass circle which contains a very unusual shape or design engraved into it with the letter "C". The key also has no markings but the end of the key is slightly curved with one side going up and the other going down. This lock is in MINT condition and all working parts operate very smoothy. This lock is unknown as to origin except that it is very old judging by the clothing and again because of the way it way stored it is in MINT CONDITION. This lock measures 3 1/4" tall x 2 1/4" across and is 3/4" thick. The key measures 1 3/4" in length. The padlock with keys weights 5.6 ounces. Question & Answer: Q: Just a bit of information regarding this padlock. The design of letters on the back stand for Sargent & Co. This company has been in business since 1864. This padlock was made in the early days, probably from 1864 to the late 1890's. This padlock may be the finest example known to exist. Feb-19-11 A: Thank you so much for this information as I will post this to the listing also so that others can see it. Again, Thank You so very much. - eBay (20 Feb 2011)

This padlock had a high bid of $50 (Plus $8 Shipping).


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