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Sep 3, 2010

Another set - Bean Giant handcuff

Here is yet another set of Bean Giant handcuffs. Seems a bit odd that all these sets are coming up for auction all of a sudden. As a result it seems that prices have taken a hit. I know when I got my first set, I did not know when the next set would come around. Then the next three sets went for more than what I paid for mine. And now, I have a second set which I paid half the price of the first. On the good side, as long as your buying a deal is a deal...

Please ask any question before you bid and I will do my best to answer them. I have been collecting for nearly 20 years and am pretty much not interested anymore and phasing out the collection for new interests. This is sold as a collectible, and not intended for law enforcement use. I am not the original owner, so I can't claim it came from a smoke free home, although I myself do not smoke.

This is the Bean Giant handcuff, which made its appearance in the 1880s and may have been manufactured into the early 1900s. It is an original and NOT a reproduction. It is a single locking handcuff with a solid body design, there is a key way at the center of the cuff body which makes opening it when on your wrists very difficult. The cuff is bare metal, with traces of plating at the hinges. Both cuffs unlock, but the reset button on one side doesn't work, so that side automatically re-locks when the bow arm is released. The other button works fine, so that side stays unlocked when opened and resets by pushing the button. The cuff is marked Pat. Pend (not pat number!) on the bow arm, not the body and is out of view when the cuff is closed. There is a '6' stamped on the back of the cuff, no idea what it refers to. Included is a working single bit key that came with the cuff when I bought it.

DISCLAIMER: This cuff was NOT owned by Houdini at any time. They guy I bought it from back in the 90s is knowledgeable enough that if it was ever owned or handled by Houdini I would have had to pay a lot more for it. There is no association of any note with this cuff.

Please wait for a shipping quote before payment! Buyer pays for shipping. I will ship overseas, but the cost is extreme and I have no control over what the post office charges. I do not charge handling fees, only what it costs to ship. I am a buyer mostly and I resent when dealers add on those kinds of fees. This cuff is already packaged and ready to go once I quote the shipping costs.
Paypal only. - eBay (29 Aug 2010)

This Bean Giant had a high bid of $1,225 (Plus $ Shipping).

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