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Sep 25, 2008

Handcuffs 1800s A.RANKIN PHIL

Here is a nice pair of old handcuffs up for sale on eBay:

This is a cool old pair of Handcuffs,They are in Remarkably good condition everything works Just Fine they are complete with there Original Key,When these Bracelets are Locked on there isnt Much wiggle Room thats for sure,These are from the days of Territorial Prisons,They Both Have a Makers Mark on them which reads,A RANKIN PHILA Patent DEC 10 18?? i cant make out the last 2 Numerals without cleaning up the Metal i will leave that up to the new owner to do if they wish - eBay

At the time of posting the high bid was $158.50 with five days until the auction ends. I am pretty sure I have seen a similar pair up for auction before, but not more than two other pairs in over three years. With that said, I don't have a set for my collection either and probably won't anytime soon.

Update: This pair of handcuffs sold for $1,112 (Plus $5.50 in shipping).


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